Explosives and Narcotics Testing

Field Forensics is a premier developer and manufacturer of explosives and narcotics detection and identification kits and instruments.

HandyRam 785R™ – Rapid Identification of Narcotics, Explosives

HandyRam 785 R™ Raman Spectroscopy

Hand-held Raman Spectroscopy

HandyRam™ is the latest in Raman technology that allows confident identification of narcotics in seconds using laser-based analysis. HandyRam™ fits in your pocket, runs from two AA batteries, is IP67 – complies with MILSTD 810G. HandyRam™ is the first true pocket-sized Raman Spectrometer that can identify thousands of compounds. Various libraries are available from HandRam™ – Rapid Identification of Narcotics, Explosives from Field Forensics Inc that the user can develop libraries with the included software package.

ELITE.Guard™ Model NEX-1001

Automated TRACE Detection… explosives and precursors

Designed for rapid screening an checkpoint, ELITE.Guard™ Model NEX-1001, is an automated, pocket-sized system for rapid security screening for trace quantities of explosives and presumptive identification of narcotics.

Use ELITE.Guard™ to detect explosives on virtually any surface. It is rugged and easy to use with minimal training. The system is smaller than some cell phones and is incredibly light in weight. A color touch-screen user interface is clear and simple to read.

ELITE.Guard™ automatically logs data for each sample, including GPS data. A rechargeable battery provides several hours of power. ELITE.Guard™ does not require calibration and is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or exposure to maritime or industrial environments.

DABIT™ - easy to use color tests for narcotics identification

Dab or rub the suspect material or residue. Drop back into its tube and squeeze the tube. A color match indicates a positive. It couldn’t be simpler. The officer-friendly DABIT™ can even be used on residue that would otherwise be almost impossible to collect if using another type of presumptive test kit – the user doesn’t have to worry about gusts of wind either – DABIT™ holds the sample firmly in place until it can be tested. DABIT™ tests use chemicals (reagents) that comply with The National Institute of Justice, Standard—0605.00, Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse, developed by the Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards.

Spot.On.ID™ – Thin Layer Chromatography


Spot.On.ID™ – Thin Layer Chromatography

Fast, Easy TLC Analysis for Field and Laboratory

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is ideal for rapid presumptive identification, which when used in conjunction with color tests or other field analytical methods gives the end user a lot more information about the explosive compound(s) in question.. TLC is inexpensive, practical and gives valuable chemical information including identification of compounds in a mixture and establishing the purity of a substance – forensics labs routinely use TLC for these reasons. Winner of the R&D100 Award it tests forensic samples to identify explosives, illicit drugs, insecticides on surfaces, liquids and solids with greater power than other presumptive analyses and it works in a complementary way to color tests.