Portable X-Ray Systems

Portable X-RayPortable x-ray systems for use by military EOD, bomb squads and security. These systems are rugged, are available in different image sizes and x-ray source strengths. The systems use a constant potential x-ray source instead of the typical pulses x-ray source; this gives our system much better resolution and gives the operator more control over the source itself; the source also has a much longer operating life.

Recoilless Disruptors

Recoilless DisruptorsRecoilless Disruptors and DeArmers give EOD and bomb squad operator much more flexibility in dealing with an IED including, with our rifled-bore systems, greater stand-off capability.

Remote Firing Systems

Remote Firing SystemsRemote Firing Systems (available to military only) for EOD, demolition, etc., which provide better control over the entire firing circuit, from the operator to the detonator. Next Generation Radio-controlled Initiation System with full two-way-communication FOG-FSG is a fully compatible family of sophisticated radio-controlled initiation systems comprising a new technology thus representing the next generation of advanced initiation for explosive charges, pyrotechnics or other equipment.

Blast-Protected Litter Bins

Blast-Protected Litter bin
Blast-Protected Litter Bin/Trash Can combines keeping the environment clean with protecting the public against terrorist explosives threats. Tested to the latest UK Home Office standards (2011), the HALO Series of blast-protected litter bins is designed to protect against major blast threats and is suitable for most sensitive locations. The shell remains intact providing all-round horizontal protection whilst the lid disintegrates into harmless particles.

Bomb Suits and Search Suits

Bomb Suits and Search Suits
The Series III Heavy Bomb Suit  from Holdfast Systems is the  workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree of mobility.

The HFS MK III SEARCH SUIT is a versatile product with a updated Modular Design System. The Chest front and rear protection has been upgraded to NIJ level IIIA. A fully integrated Helmet System Flip up and Lock down feature this is a versatile suit which can be used as a mobile and lightweight EOD Suit.

The Series III EOD Helmet includes aa high-tech ventilation fan that still delivers superior airflow in to the helmet but greatly reduces vibration and noise levels. It comes standard with a Kermel® comfort liner and spare with built in communications. This provides excellent comfort and cushioning for the head. The helmet has a 4 point adjustable suspension system.

Demining and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

De-Mining and PPE gear

We are pleased to offer Berry Amendment-compliant PPE for de-mining, search, EOD and security teams.

The Demining Apron was developed and tested in the field working with deminers working in extreme conditions. This apron provides frontal area of protection ensuring coverage of all vital areas.

The Demining Vest is designed for maximum comfort and as little hindrance as possible caused to the user, but still providing protection to all vital parts of the body.

The Holdfast Advanced LITE Demining Helmet is an innovative Demining Helmet concept. The helmet is made from lite composite materials and incorporates multiple are circulation vents around the crown of the head to prevent heat exhaustion.

Blast-Threat Containment - Bomb Blankets and Threat-Mitigation Units

De-Mining and PPE gear
We provide Bomb Blankets to cover potential IEDs – for example suspicious left-baggage, etc. and  Threat Mitigation Units that are used to transport suspect (or known) IEDs to a safer location.

Detonator, Munitions and Time-Expired Pyrotechnic Transport Carriers

Recoilless DisruptorsWe provide Detonator Carrier Units for EOD teams and bomb squads, as well as Munition, Grenade, and Time Expired Pyrotechnic Carrier Units.  Threat Mitigation units are used to transport suspect (or known) IEDs to a safer location.

Water-Abrasive Suspension Cutting Systems (WAS)

Water-Abrasive Suspension Cutting Systems
We offer several options of a metal-cutting Water-Abrasive Suspension (WAS) jet cutting systems for cutting into UXO, hazardous-atmosphere tanks, and other dangerous cuts.  The cuts are cold and do not produce sparks.  The systems can be operated remotely – up to 1 kilometer away – to protect operator from detonations or gaseous releases.

Metal Detection

Metal Detectors and Metal Detection
Hand-held metal scanners for security, hand-held and portable systems for demining applications as well as portable and vehicle mounted systems for Battle-Area Clearance (BAC) including GPS system for mapping found UXO.

Explosives and Drug Detection and Analysis

Field Forensics - explosives detection kits and narcotics identificationWe offer a variety of explosives and narcotics detection kits and systems including disposable kits, chromatography field-analysis kits, and laser-based Raman spectrometers, all pocket sized and designed for field analysis – from Field Forensics, Inc.