FFI Tactical – Bomb Squad & EOD Gear

EOD Symposium

FFI Tactical will be exhibiting at the EOD Symposium in Bethesda Maryland, August 8-9, 2017.  We will be exhibiting Constant Potential (CP) x-ray sources and the new FLATSCAN XS™ imaging panels, Ebinger metal detection systems, and the latest FOG Remote Firing Systems (available to military only), explosives detection kits and other equipment. Please visit us at the Field Forensics Booth #314. NDIA EOD Symposium

12-15 September – Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) London, UK,

Be sure to visit Field Forensics at Booth N4-334 at DSEI  on September 17-19, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. Join us for the 2017 Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. DSEI represents the entire supply chain on an unrivalled scale. This years’ meeting takes place in London UK in 17-19 September. Please visit our booth and check out the gear that we offer including tactical equipment […]

WarriorExpo East - July-13-14-2017

Warrior Expo East – July 13-14, 2017 – Virginia Beach, VA

Visit our BOOTH 1320 at Warrior Expo East on July 13-14, 2017 in Virginia Beach, VA. We’ll be at Warrior Expo East this July 13-14, 2017. Stop by our booth and review the cool products that we develop and sell including tactical equipment for EOD, bomb squads, law enforcement, security, and humanitarian demining and UXO clearance teams, plus devices for chemical detection and identification including those for explosives, narcotics and precursor chemicals. Field Forensics – explosives and narcotics detection and testing offers the […]

Vehicle Inspection with mirror

Vehicle Inspection Mirrors and Camera Systems

Inspection mirrors and camera systems that are are simple-to-use, efficient, and  designed to support a fast inspection of vehicles and parts of buildings which are difficult to access. There are various fields of application: vehicle undersides, baggage racks, areas over or under furniture, hollows and space in between as well as difficult to access building parts can be inspected rapidly This assists the police, customs, military and security companies to carry out a substantial accurate and thorough inspection as well as a […]

Vehicle Inspection Mirror and Camera Systems

We offer a variety of mirrors for contraband search including under-vehicle mirrors and telescopically mounted video systems for searching underneath or on top of large trucks and trailers.  

Demining & PPE equipment – a complete line of Demining & PPE equipment from Holdfast Systems

Demining Apron The Demining Apron was developed and tested in the field working with deminers working in extreme conditions. This apron provides frontal area of protection ensuring coverage of all vital areas. The DEMINING APRON integrates with our Demining visor range by means of a frontal collar overlap ensuring protection continuity. The Demining Apron is extremely durable and serviceable in the field. Frontal protection against Anti-Personnel mines   Materials Outer Cover – Cordura Inner material – Aramid Protection Specification All […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Bomb Suits The HFS SERIES III is the Holdfast workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree of mobility. Search Suits The latest development in the Holdfast Systems Search Suit range, the HFS MK III Search Suit with Ballistic Helmet and Visor, is a versatile product with a updated Modular Design System. Demining Aprons and Demining Vests The Demining […]

Blast Protection – Bomb Blankets, Detonator Carrier Units,

Bomb Blankets, Detonator Carrier Units, Threat Mitigation units, Munitions, Grenade, Time-Expired Pyrotechnic Carrier Units, Blast-Resistant Litter Bins

FLATSCAN30™ Portable X-Ray – E.O.D. Mobile Scanner is now a mature technology

FLATSCAN30 XS™ / FLATSCAN15 XS™ E.O.D. Mobile Scanner is now a mature technology … The second generation of the E.O.D. scanner has its performances boosted by the latest state of the art technologies. Faster: 3″ booting time 5″ image capture 1 click post-process More secure: 1 approach system practically dead-free zone No RF emission (option) More enhanced features… 30’’ & 15″ image areas 3 edges Extra-long life battery Faster: 3″ BOOTING TIME 5″ IMAGE CAPTURE 1 CLICK POST PROCESS More secure: 1 APPROACH SYSTEM PRACTICALLY DEAD ZONE FREE NO RF […]

Personal Protective Equipment

Berry Amendment-compliant PPE for de-mining, search, EOD and security.AllPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) bomb-IED_PPE HFS Series III EOD Suit - with optional EOD helmet EOD-III-helmet EOD-Helmet-Comms EOD-Series III-helmet HFNA_suit1 MarkIII Search Full Front MarkIII Search Suit Bust Please contact us today; we have representatives standing by to answer questions and help you discover how our unique solutions can improve your organization’s security.var rbs_gallery_5a63c7162048f = {"filterContainer": "#rbs_gallery_5a63c7162048ffilter", "touch": 1, "lightboxOptions": { gallery: { enabled: true, tCounter: "%curr% of %total%" } }, "resolutions": [...]
ISDEF - June 6-8-2017 - Tel Aviv, Israel

ISDEF – International Defense and Homeland Security Exposition, Tel Aviv, Israel – June 6 – 8, 2017

We’ll be attending the International Defense and Homeland Security Exposition aka  ISDEF 2017 exposition in Tel Aviv Israel on June 6-8, 2017. Visit our booth Number 76 and view our products that we’ve developed for chemical analysis kits, portable devices and instruments – specializing in explosives and narcotics. Field Forensics offers the HandyRam™ hand-held Raman spectrometer, the Spot.On.ID™ portable TLC instrument, several color test kits for explosives and narcotics, and SPME devices for explosives, narcotics and chemical weapons agent sampling.

Law Enforcement, Corrections, & Security – detection systems

EBINGER hand-held and walk-through metal detectors are since years synonymous for reliability and efficiency. They are widely used in airports, seaports, in public events and in penal institutions, at public events and in law enforcement. In completion of this range of security products EBINGER supplies various types of vehicle inspection mirrors. Hand-held detectors EB 607-2 -Hand-held metal detector – practice-proven in large-scale and long-term use Robust metal design Simple to operate, easy to handle High detection sensitivity Automatic calibration Loud […]

Battle Area Clearance – Ebinger Detectors

The roots of EBINGER Prüf- und Ortungstechnik GmbH are in the German bomb disposal. The first industrial grade EBINGER detectors were developed already 40 years ago. Their trendsetting technology led to a worldwide distribution. The removal of the remnants of war is a challenge, where EBINGER equipment proof itself on a daily basis. Continued R&D led to new technologies and numerous patents respectively intellectual property rights. MSG 450 B – Metal detector, general purpose, for shallow search: Lightweight     |     Robust – compact    &nbsp|     Modular […]

Portable X-Ray Systems

State of the art wireless, portable x-ray systems for use by military EOD and bomb squads. These system are rugged, are available in different image sizes and x-ray source strengths.

Presumptive versus Confirmatory testing

Presumptive – For when it might contain, say, drugs or explosives & want to rule out SOME other substances FFI has a wide spectrum of presumptive tests for narcotics and explosives for use in the lab AND in the field. Confirmatory – More expensive and extensive, it definitively identifies a substance  

Spot.On.ID™ - Spot.On.ID™ for Explosives and Narcotics detection

Spot.On.ID™ (explosives, narcotics)

Stronger identification of explosives, narcotics, precursors – multiplies the power of colorimetric test kits Developed from FFI’s microTLC™, winner of the R&D100 Award for 2014, Spot.On.ID™ analyzes forensic and environmental samples to detect and identify explosives, illicit drugs, insecticides, pesticides and other targets in samples taken from surfaces, liquids and solids – in the laboratory and in the field. Spot.On.ID™’s simple disposable tests have greater analytical power than colorimetric tests and the samples are non-destructive, allowing additional lab analysis of […]

ULTRA™ 246 - Multi-Target Explosives & Precursors Test Kits - identify ammonium nitrate & chlorate HME

ULTRA™ Colorimetric Drug Test Kits

ULTRA™ Multi-Target Explosives & Precursors Test Kits Detect & Identify! Unique, simple and easy to carry kit for explosive detection and identification Each model in the ULTRA™ series of colorimetric, disposable testers can, in one step, detect AND identify trace or bulk quantities of specific explosives, types of explosives and precursors: ULTRA 1B6: broad range of explosives, nitro-aromatics, aliphatics and nitrates ULTRA 246: identify ammonium nitrate & chlorate HME ULTRA 236: identify urea nitrate & ammonium nitrate ULTRA 459: chlorate, perchlorate […]

HandyRam™ 785R

HandyRam 785R™ – Rapid Identification of Narcotics, Explosives…

Field Forensics’ ruggedized HandyRam 785R™ identifies unknown samples in seconds. The HandyRam™ is truly pocket-sized and therefore is ideal for field use.  The user interface is intuitive, with logical displays of information and icon-driven controls via the large color touch-screen, resulting in rapid decision making. The HandyRam 785R™ comes with different spectral libraries depending on the user application.  For example, FFI offers narcotics and explosives libraries for reliable identification.  The combined explosives and narcotics library (available individually) contains more than 800 compounds, including common […]


New Product: microTLC™ Field Analysis of Explosives and Drugs

FFI Tactical now offers the the microTLC™ – Thin Layer Chromatography system, the perfect complement to colorimetric explosives and drug test kits. The microTLC™ analyzes forensic and environmental samples to detect and identify explosives, illicit drugs, insecticides, pesticides and other targets in samples taken from surfaces, liquids and solids – in the laboratory and in the field. The microTLC™ offers increased selectivity, compared to colorimetric tests.

ULTRA™ 246 - Multi-Target Explosives & Precursors Test Kits -identify ammonium nitrate & chlorate HME

New Product: ULTRA-HME™ Field Analysis of Explosives and Drugs

FFI Tactical now offers the Field Forensics ULTRA-HME™, a field kit with colorimetric tests to identify chemical materials used in making home-made explosives (HME), including metals. The ULTRA-HME™ kit can identify the widest range of HME materials, compared with other field test products, and is an extension of the field proven ULTRA™ and IDEX™ test kits, which are successfully used by elite military and police units around the world. With ULTRA-HME™ users can detect and identify dozens of explosives and […]