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FLATSCAN30™ Portable X-Ray – E.O.D. Mobile Scanner is now a mature technology

FLATSCAN30 XS™ / FLATSCAN15 XS™ E.O.D. Mobile Scanner is now a mature technology … The second generation of the E.O.D. scanner has its performances boosted by the latest state of the art technologies. Faster: 3″ booting time 5″ image capture 1 click post-process More secure: 1 approach system practically dead-free zone No RF emission (option) More enhanced features… 30’’ & 15″ image areas 3 edges Extra-long life battery Faster: 3″ BOOTING TIME 5″ IMAGE CAPTURE 1 CLICK POST PROCESS More secure: 1 APPROACH SYSTEM PRACTICALLY DEAD ZONE FREE NO RF […]

Portable X-Ray Systems

State of the art wireless, portable x-ray systems for use by military EOD and bomb squads. These system are rugged, are available in different image sizes and x-ray source strengths.