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Demining & PPE equipment – a complete line of Demining & PPE equipment from Holdfast Systems

Demining Apron The Demining Apron was developed and tested in the field working with deminers working in extreme conditions. This apron provides frontal area of protection ensuring coverage of all vital areas. The DEMINING APRON integrates with our Demining visor range by means of a frontal collar overlap ensuring protection continuity. The Demining Apron is extremely durable and serviceable in the field. Frontal protection against Anti-Personnel mines   Materials Outer Cover – Cordura Inner material – Aramid Protection Specification All […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Bomb Suits The HFS SERIES III is the Holdfast workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree of mobility. Search Suits The latest development in the Holdfast Systems Search Suit range, the HFS MK III Search Suit with Ballistic Helmet and Visor, is a versatile product with a updated Modular Design System. Demining Aprons and Demining Vests The Demining […]

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Bomb Blankets, Detonator Carrier Units, Threat Mitigation units, Munitions, Grenade, Time-Expired Pyrotechnic Carrier Units, Blast-Resistant Litter Bins

Personal Protective Equipment

Berry Amendment-compliant PPE for de-mining, search, EOD and security.AllPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) bomb-IED_PPE HFS Series III EOD Suit - with optional EOD helmet EOD-III-helmet EOD-Helmet-Comms EOD-Series III-helmet HFNA_suit1 MarkIII Search Full Front MarkIII Search Suit Bust Please contact us today; we have representatives standing by to answer questions and help you discover how our unique solutions can improve your organization’s security.var rbs_gallery_5a665fae852d4 = {"filterContainer": "#rbs_gallery_5a665fae852d4filter", "touch": 1, "lightboxOptions": { gallery: { enabled: true, tCounter: "%curr% of %total%" } }, "resolutions": [...]