FFI Tactical (a division of Field Forensics, Inc.) provides EOD Gear and Bomb Squad Gear such as portable x-ray, metal detection, firing systems, PPE, blast protection, detonator carriers and hook & line. FFI Tactical also provide devices for chemical detection and identification including those for explosives, narcotics and precursor chemicals.  Our unique tools and technologies include:

  • Portable X-Ray systems that use a constant potential x-ray source instead of pulsed x-ray source.  Our systems provide better resolution and far more operational control.  Our constant potential systems can also be used with self-developing PF films
  • Remote Firing Systems (available to military only) for EOD, demolition, etc., which provide better control over the entire firing circuit, from the operator to the detonator
  • Recoilless Disruptors give EOD and bomb squad operator much more flexibility in dealing with an IED including, with our rifled-bore systems, greater stand-off capability
  • Blast protection – everything from blast-protected litter bins for public safety to munition carriers and detonator carriers that are 1.4S rated for easy and safe transport of energetics.  We also offer Bomb Blankets , also available as Berry Amendment-compliant (for U.S.A. DoD contracts)
  • High-sensitivity metal detection systems for applications such as humanitarian and tactical de-mining, UXO clearance, and security
  • Water-jet cutting systems that use a Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) to cut through UXO, IEDs for mediation, disruption and access, with a cold, spark-less cut
  • Explosives and narcotics detection kits and instruments for contraband search and security.
  • De-mining and PPE products including de-mining aprons and vests, helmets and visors, all of which are available as Berry Amendment-compliant (for U.S.A. DoD contracts)
  • Bomb Suits and Search Suits and helmets, also available as Berry Amendment-compliant (for U.S.A. DoD contracts).
  • Other bomb squad gear and specialized gear such as Hook & Line and telescopic manipulators
  • Trauma packs for immediate 1st aid to injured operators

FFI Tactical is located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, USA and is a division of Field Forensics, Inc. – founded in 2001.  Field Forensics is a premier developer and manufacturer of explosives and narcotics detection and identification kits and instruments; it is a State of Florida corporation located in St. Petersburg’s Innovation District.

FFI Tactical actively seeks new technologies to support its customers and is open to licensing, partnerships, OEM and co-marketing opportunities.  Please contact us today.

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Field Forensics

Field Forensics  manufactures rugged, simple devices for chemical detection and identification: explosives, narcotics and precursor chemicals.

  • E.L.I.T.E.™, I.D.E.X.™ and ULTRA™ explosives detection kits
  • DABIT™ narcotics identification
  • Spot.On.ID™ that takes in-field presumptive testing to the next level
  • HandyRam™ 785R Raman spectrometer uses the power of laser light to quickly and positively identify hundreds of explosives, narcotics, and related compounds and optionally thousands of other chemicals