Portable EOD X-ray in the fieldFFI Tactical (a division of Field Forensics, Inc.) provides cutting-edge tactical equipment for EOD, bomb squads, law enforcement, security, and humanitarian demining and UXO clearance team, plus devices for chemical detection and identification including those for explosives, narcotics and precursor chemicals.

FFI Tactical Products

Portable X-Ray

The Flatscan™ Series are wireless or wired, portable x-ray systems for use by military EOD and bomb squads. These systems are rugged, are available in different image sizes, wireless and/or wired communication capability to the laptop of tablet controller. Used with the constant potential (CP) series x-ray generators, which are rapid start-up, low maintenance x-ray sources, the CP/Flatscan produce a high-resultion x-ray image in seconds.  The CP sources can also be used with self-developing PF films, which are perfect in those situations where an x-ray imaging panel cannot fit between the target and a wall or other obstruction.


Recoilless Disruptors

FFI Tactical provides a range of offerings with the CSL C-IED and EOD product line. CSL specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced Counter IED and EOD products.  Their product line includes a variety of lightweight, customizable disruptor systems. Also featuring disruptor systems featuring a very accurate long standoff capability.

Recoilless Disruptors

** Use only by qualified personnel. Sale exclusively to the police, military, or equivalent services and against appropriate evidence.

Remote Firing Systems ... Next Generation Radio‐controlled Initiation System With Two‐Way Communication

FOG‐FSG is a family of sophisticated radio-controlled initiation systems. Using advanced new technology, FOG-FSG is the next generation of initiation for explosive charges, pyrotechnics or other equipment. Note: These items are approved only for sale to US military entities.

Remote Firing Systems

Blast-Protected Litter Bins

Blast Protected Litter Bin/Trash Can combines keeping the environment clean with protecting the public against terrorist explosives threats. Tested to the latest UK Home Office standards (2011), the HALO 80 Blast-protected Litter binis designed to protect against major blast threats and is suitable for most sensitive locations. The shell remains intact providing all-round horizontal protection whilst the lid disintegrates into harmless particles.

Blast-protected litter bins

Bomb Suits and Search Suits for de-mining, search, EOD, and security

Bomb Suits – The HFS Series III is the Holdfast workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree of mobility.

Search Suits – The latest development in the Holdfast Systems Search Suit range, the HFS MK III Search Suit, is a versatile product with a updated Modular Design System.

EOD Helmets and Visors – Ballistic Helmet and Visor for use with the HFS MK III Search Suit
Bomb Suits and Search Suits for EOD and security


Demining Aprons, Demining Vests, EOD Helmets, and Visors

A range of De-mining products including de-mining aprons and vests, helmets and visors, all of which are available as Berry Amendment-compliant (for U.S.A. DoD contracts)

Blast-Threat Containment - Bomb Blankets and threat-mitigation units

Bomb suppression blanket for quick, temporary protection against IED and other potential explosive blasts and threat mitigation solutions/options to mitigate terrorist IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) such as letter bombs and suspect devices in baggage.

Blast Threat Containment

Detonator, munitions, and time-expired pyrotechnic, transport carriers

When your explosive storage & transport containers need to conform to 1.4S UN Classification, Energetics Technology can offer you a solution. Our UN 1.4S Munitions Boxes prevent sympathetic detonation and contain blast and secondary fragmentation enabling personnel to store and transport different explosives in the same vehicle, thus providing the best safety available to personnel as well as offering the opportunity for cost effective combined transportation. Our UN 1.4S Munitions Boxes are fully tested and compliant to 1.4S UN Hazard Classification.

Water-Abrasive Suspension (WAS) Cutting Systems

We offer several options of a high-pressure WAS-jet cutting systems for cutting into UXO, hazardous-atmosphere tanks, and other dangerous cuts.  The systems can be operated remotely – up to 1 kilometer away – to protect operator from detonations or gaseous releases.

Water-Abrasive Suspension Cutting Systems (WAS)

Metal Detectors

Portable Systems, Handheld, In or Underwater Metal Detection

Hand-held metal scanners for security, hand-held and portable systems for demining applications as well as portable and vehicle-mounted systems for Battle-Area Clearance (BAC) including GPS system for mapping found UXO

Metal Detectors for security, handheld, & portable systems for demining, BAC, and UXO

Explosives and Drug Testing

We offer a variety of colorimetric tests for explosives and narcotics as well field-portable analytical equipment including Raman spectroscopy and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).